Monday, December 6, 2010


i finally got out of my grandma funk and had much needed girl time. it was a combination of a birthday and a farewell kinda thing so it was definitely bittersweet. katie flew in from arkansas for her birthday and laurie was throwing back her last few shots before her big venture to san fransico. all in all, couldnt have asked for a better time with the best group of girls. here are a couple of pictures from our "photoshoot" we had with the club photographer. i swear there were a thousand shots of us throughout the night. give or take a few. ;)

 love a little liquid courage every now and then.

top: love couture
shorts: f21
tights: house of holland
bag: zara
shoes: jeffery campbell

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  1. Love the photos...if you guys were selling something, I would be buying!