Friday, December 31, 2010

cheers to twenty eleven

wishing everyone a great new year! may it bring you lots of love, health, and wealth.
have fun but be safe!!

Monday, December 6, 2010


i finally got out of my grandma funk and had much needed girl time. it was a combination of a birthday and a farewell kinda thing so it was definitely bittersweet. katie flew in from arkansas for her birthday and laurie was throwing back her last few shots before her big venture to san fransico. all in all, couldnt have asked for a better time with the best group of girls. here are a couple of pictures from our "photoshoot" we had with the club photographer. i swear there were a thousand shots of us throughout the night. give or take a few. ;)

 love a little liquid courage every now and then.

top: love couture
shorts: f21
tights: house of holland
bag: zara
shoes: jeffery campbell

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


came home to this in the mail...

all the way from UK and i cant wait to wear these bad boys :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


but love to hate her. especially with this ridiciously over the top hottie as a boyfriend. how is this fair?

 olivia palermo and boyfriend johannes huebl

Monday, November 22, 2010


a few years ago, my gf teen and i hosted a thanksgiving dinner and thought itd be a great idea to throw another one. we've accumulated many friends along the way and neither of us had an appropriate place to accommodate everyone so we brought the attention to our dear friend dee. within minutes of pitching the idea, she had already sent a mass text informing the gang to save the date. teen and i then knew that this was out of our hands and that dee had it under total control. i can easily get overwhelmed when it comes to planning such occasions like this so i laid low until i was needed. the night turned out to be an absolute success and i cant wait to see how next year will turn out. i wish i wouldve taken more pictures but all that turkey and bubbly made me exhausted.

here's a picture of the table setting i took from my phone. so cute right?!

top: american apparel
bottoms: h&m
shoes: jeffery campbell

Friday, November 19, 2010


so last month i posted about lanvin collaborating with h&m and it hitting selected US stores on november 23rd. apparently i had my facts wrong because its grand showing is due out tomorrow at 8am at south coast plaza. start camping out ladies because ive been told crazed fans are already lining up to purchase that piece of lanvin heaven. still contemplating if ill join the crowd but i dont know if im that desperate.

saw this red dress in the h&m's window display and kinda fell in love. im so not that girly but im all about it

 pictures from the runway in new york via

have you ever wanted your very own boutique? well your in luck cuz google just launched a new website allowing you to do just that. answer a few fashion preliminary questionnaires then choose your style, color, pattern, and silhouette preferences and voilà!!! it lets you personalize what you like and dislike, therefore steering you into the right direction on creating your ideal boutique. it also allows you to explore other boutiques from celebrities, bloggers, and certain retailers to find out their favorite fashion picks. super cool if you ask me. i do have to credit  my brother-in-law for telling me about this site so thanks sean!

"tis the season on man-repelling"

if you havent gotten the scoop on the "it" blog thats currently all the rage..check out the man repeller. fellow bloggers such as le fashion and the haute commodity have given high praises and elite magazines such as glamour and lucky. leandra is her name and she's witty, cunning, knowledgeable, but most importantly, entertaining as hell.

ponchos and turbans and clogs oh my! all of our favorite fashion trends that give us "lady-boners" clearly do the opposite for men. on her blog, you'll find that the million and one things we ladies absolutely love, make men limp faster you can blink. if you're a fellow repeller, check out this blog cuz youll be consumed post after post.


she has a keen eye for finding clothes that resemble a woman's vagina

"If the dress were red, it could have been called: Menstruation at Marchesa but since it was not, we will instead just simply call it the vagina dress."

leandra's rendition of this frenzy of a fad (which i do adore)

"Now, I say this: if Hanneli can wrap a towel around her head and write it off as a turban..."
"There's no reason why I can't do the same!

Note: If you intend to DIY, don't use a wet towel, that shit is heavy.
Another note: steer clear of small trees
One last note: I'd suggest you stay out of taxi cabs too."

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


fall's essential accent piece that every girl should have year around...especially this time of year.

Above, clockwise from top left: See by Chloé Leopard Print Clutch Bag, $360, available at Saks Fifth Avenue; Steve Madden Crossbody Bag, $32.99, available at Macy's; The Limited Leopard Faux-Leather Tote, $31.43, available at The Limited; Brahmin Cheetah-Print Shoulder Bag, $295, available at Dillard's; Nordstrom Leopard Print Satchel, $238, available at Nordstrom.



 for the past few weeks ive been under the weather and uninspired so i apologize for the lack of posting. ive been tryin to get better at full capacity so going out hasnt fancy me too much. other than dr visits, occasional dining out and the movie theaters, ive been quite the homebody and i dont mind it at all. definitely enjoying the time ive saved from coordinating get-ups and hair and make-up preparations. i guess i just needed a break but dont expect me to turn away from night life for much longer.

anyhow..since my last post, ive attempted to dye my hair back to its "natural" color (whatever that may be) and im already bored with it. going dark was only by choice cuz i didnt want to cut my hair (aka my security blanket) and show how visibly damaged my ends have gotten. i wanted to have it ombre'd but that too would ruin my hair due to the bleach and ammonia. then it got me asking... what could i do to sass up this mane of mine? i came across this blogger a couple of weeks ago and she totally fooled me with her clip-on bangs by jessica simpson. ive gotten my bangs cut before but they were never full enough and were a hassle to upkeep. they were hard to track down but i purchased the same ones a few days later and i couldnt be happier. i need to trim it a bit before i post pictures up but theyre totally fun and i suggest you all to grab yourselves a clip-on too. please show me pictures if any of you have these or intend to purchase them with before and after looks. thanks in advance :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

lanvin for h&m

entire collection due to hit stores on november 23rd.
i just wish h&m would ship to the US (wtf right?!) because although id love to get my hands on some of not down to wait in line.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


he's got swag, talent, personality and more.
love you...happy birthday!!

posing on the mean streets of LA.
drove up for jaysons birthday celebration :) 

on me:
top: f21
bra: urbanoutfitters
necklace: h&m
purse: steve madden
pants: american apparel
shoes: jeffery campbell (litas)

on dee:
everything vintage
boots: baker

Friday, October 8, 2010


simply WOW! this was nothing compared to all the shenanigans i actually witnessed. and to think i thought it wasnt possible to top my last trip in frisco. literally within minutes of entering this shit show... i lost my entire party and almost had an anxiety attack. im down with the gays and am considered one of the biggest "fag hags" (i perfer fruit fly) but this atmosphere was beyond a level even i was capable of handling. definitely overwhelming at first but once i found my friends, i totally got in the groove and was loving every minute. turn your head to the right, you'll see someone pissing in a complete strangers mouth. turn to the left, guys banging the shit outta eachother. definitely more for your buck but im not gonna lie...i wouldnt oppose in par taking in this cock fest next year...or the year after that. whos with me?!

Friday, September 24, 2010


SF @ delores park

meet my boyfriend ruben of two and a half years. i was browsing thru my photo albums and thought itd be appropriate to finally bring up the boy and frisco since im headed back this weekend. ruben isnt joining me this time around cuz it was totally a spur of the moment kinda thing. last time i was there i attended gay pride and its was pure mayhem! every inch of that park was covered with gays, lesbians, hippies, trannies, drags, etc...and i loved it!  i swear ive never seen so many tits in one day. wish i could walk out with just nipple covers and be that free. sighh--

anyway... although its not that time of year ready to paint the town red once i arrive with mark to visit our dear friend, pawl. stay posted to see more pictures of this coming up weekend.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


shoes, bags, a belt, shoes, and more shoes

gifted tribute balenciaga messenger bag by richard. thanks booboo ♥

Monday, September 13, 2010


 i was always told growing up that it was time for a trim once your ends got lighter than the rest of you hair. clearly...the person i listened to was wrong because this ombre look is all the rage. wish i wouldve known i couldve started this trend years back. (kidding) but to think that its currently the "it" hair trend makes me reminiscent of my teenage years. i cant wait to try this out once i go brunette again. i love my hair right now but its definitely hard to upkeep and not to mention, totally damaging the crap out of it!! i wouldve postponed going brunette a little while longer but being a bridesmaid, in coral dress, with red/orangy hair, in a week, would NOT be the business. ill post pictures after the end result. wish me luck!!!

accessory overboard?

tops: forever21/nasty gal
jeans: miss sixty
shoes: random?!
jewelry: random boutiques

Friday, September 10, 2010


her name is Sandra Hagelstam and im currently infatuated with 5inchandup. the blog title can be misconstrued for something other at first glance, but its nothing short of fashion greatness. love her style. her face. her shoes!! check her out!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010


h&m f/w 2010

marant, chloe missoni, celine and burberry inspired.
paisely prints, chunky knits, shearling coats, and wool ponchos. cant wait!!