Friday, January 28, 2011


so im in the midst of cleaning out my closet in attempt on buying myself a new wardrobe. all of these items have been given lots of tlc but need a new home. check out my ebay listings and feel free to take these and more off my hands. definitely selling them for a FRACTION of what i got them for so take this opportunity and bid away. thank you in advance and follow me for new listings.

model: deedee
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Monday, January 24, 2011


came home to these beauties and its already made my entire week. ive searched near and far since thanksgiving for these boots and its about time they've arrived. i think its the epitome of an everyday boot, dont you think? you cant phase this happy camper. outfit post very soon so stay tuned.

dolce vita for urban outfitters

Sunday, January 23, 2011


took a little trip to LA with the family to take my nephew and niece to the museum. still figuring out all the settings for my new camera so these pictures not be the greatest but i hope you enjoy.

 dont mind me on the bench. my sister dared me to pose like the lion tiger so i did. the awkward stares and laughs made it all worth the while. did i nail it or what?


ive seen these so long ago but i just had the sudden urge to go out and get a pair. i want need these shades. preferably the black one on the right.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


the boy got me a new nikon d-slr camera for christmas but ive yet to put it into good use. still trying to figure it out but soon enough...ill get this blog rolling in photo diaries one after another.
i clearly need some windex on that mirror.

sweater: nasty gal
belt: thirfted
rings: random

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


one of my friends drew a picture of me so i decided to use it for my new header. im beyond computer illiterate so instead of photo shopping or whatever program you'd normally use...i did it the old school way and turned it into arts and crafts night. first i printed out the picture, cut the entire body, laid it on to a plain computer paper, added my blog name on the side, took a picture of it, uploaded it and wah-laa. such a process right? but i guess it works for me. i really wanted to use the entire drawing but i only ended up using the top half. here is the full art piece and i hope you all like it as much as i do. i really wish i was this thin in real life but i couldnt be happier with the outcome. thank you so much nichole!! i absolutely love it! :) now you got me thinking about dying my hair black. hmm...what do you think?

artist: nichole erno <3