Tuesday, January 18, 2011


one of my friends drew a picture of me so i decided to use it for my new header. im beyond computer illiterate so instead of photo shopping or whatever program you'd normally use...i did it the old school way and turned it into arts and crafts night. first i printed out the picture, cut the entire body, laid it on to a plain computer paper, added my blog name on the side, took a picture of it, uploaded it and wah-laa. such a process right? but i guess it works for me. i really wanted to use the entire drawing but i only ended up using the top half. here is the full art piece and i hope you all like it as much as i do. i really wish i was this thin in real life but i couldnt be happier with the outcome. thank you so much nichole!! i absolutely love it! :) now you got me thinking about dying my hair black. hmm...what do you think?

artist: nichole erno <3


  1. coulda posted the legs sideways, next to the top half. just sayin.

  2. beyond computer illiterate my butt...you made it work and that's what it's about! But I agree with above comment that we need the legs...that's so much your identity...long legs and cool boots/shoes.