Friday, September 24, 2010


SF @ delores park

meet my boyfriend ruben of two and a half years. i was browsing thru my photo albums and thought itd be appropriate to finally bring up the boy and frisco since im headed back this weekend. ruben isnt joining me this time around cuz it was totally a spur of the moment kinda thing. last time i was there i attended gay pride and its was pure mayhem! every inch of that park was covered with gays, lesbians, hippies, trannies, drags, etc...and i loved it!  i swear ive never seen so many tits in one day. wish i could walk out with just nipple covers and be that free. sighh--

anyway... although its not that time of year ready to paint the town red once i arrive with mark to visit our dear friend, pawl. stay posted to see more pictures of this coming up weekend.

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