Friday, October 8, 2010


simply WOW! this was nothing compared to all the shenanigans i actually witnessed. and to think i thought it wasnt possible to top my last trip in frisco. literally within minutes of entering this shit show... i lost my entire party and almost had an anxiety attack. im down with the gays and am considered one of the biggest "fag hags" (i perfer fruit fly) but this atmosphere was beyond a level even i was capable of handling. definitely overwhelming at first but once i found my friends, i totally got in the groove and was loving every minute. turn your head to the right, you'll see someone pissing in a complete strangers mouth. turn to the left, guys banging the shit outta eachother. definitely more for your buck but im not gonna lie...i wouldnt oppose in par taking in this cock fest next year...or the year after that. whos with me?!

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