Tuesday, November 16, 2010


 for the past few weeks ive been under the weather and uninspired so i apologize for the lack of posting. ive been tryin to get better at full capacity so going out hasnt fancy me too much. other than dr visits, occasional dining out and the movie theaters, ive been quite the homebody and i dont mind it at all. definitely enjoying the time ive saved from coordinating get-ups and hair and make-up preparations. i guess i just needed a break but dont expect me to turn away from night life for much longer.

anyhow..since my last post, ive attempted to dye my hair back to its "natural" color (whatever that may be) and im already bored with it. going dark was only by choice cuz i didnt want to cut my hair (aka my security blanket) and show how visibly damaged my ends have gotten. i wanted to have it ombre'd but that too would ruin my hair due to the bleach and ammonia. then it got me asking... what could i do to sass up this mane of mine? i came across this blogger a couple of weeks ago and she totally fooled me with her clip-on bangs by jessica simpson. ive gotten my bangs cut before but they were never full enough and were a hassle to upkeep. they were hard to track down but i purchased the same ones a few days later and i couldnt be happier. i need to trim it a bit before i post pictures up but theyre totally fun and i suggest you all to grab yourselves a clip-on too. please show me pictures if any of you have these or intend to purchase them with before and after looks. thanks in advance :)

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  1. i have fake fringes too! will post some photos up on the blog soon. i wanna see yours on!