Monday, November 22, 2010


a few years ago, my gf teen and i hosted a thanksgiving dinner and thought itd be a great idea to throw another one. we've accumulated many friends along the way and neither of us had an appropriate place to accommodate everyone so we brought the attention to our dear friend dee. within minutes of pitching the idea, she had already sent a mass text informing the gang to save the date. teen and i then knew that this was out of our hands and that dee had it under total control. i can easily get overwhelmed when it comes to planning such occasions like this so i laid low until i was needed. the night turned out to be an absolute success and i cant wait to see how next year will turn out. i wish i wouldve taken more pictures but all that turkey and bubbly made me exhausted.

here's a picture of the table setting i took from my phone. so cute right?!

top: american apparel
bottoms: h&m
shoes: jeffery campbell

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