Friday, November 19, 2010

"tis the season on man-repelling"

if you havent gotten the scoop on the "it" blog thats currently all the rage..check out the man repeller. fellow bloggers such as le fashion and the haute commodity have given high praises and elite magazines such as glamour and lucky. leandra is her name and she's witty, cunning, knowledgeable, but most importantly, entertaining as hell.

ponchos and turbans and clogs oh my! all of our favorite fashion trends that give us "lady-boners" clearly do the opposite for men. on her blog, you'll find that the million and one things we ladies absolutely love, make men limp faster you can blink. if you're a fellow repeller, check out this blog cuz youll be consumed post after post.


she has a keen eye for finding clothes that resemble a woman's vagina

"If the dress were red, it could have been called: Menstruation at Marchesa but since it was not, we will instead just simply call it the vagina dress."

leandra's rendition of this frenzy of a fad (which i do adore)

"Now, I say this: if Hanneli can wrap a towel around her head and write it off as a turban..."
"There's no reason why I can't do the same!

Note: If you intend to DIY, don't use a wet towel, that shit is heavy.
Another note: steer clear of small trees
One last note: I'd suggest you stay out of taxi cabs too."

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